b = have it both ways
n = not a haiku
t = two or three poems as a group
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hundreds of im'ges
air-conditioning for all
life is free of time


the cough sticks today
up and down and up and down
malarya is me

3 (n)

two hundred years
after the industrial revolution
we can walk on the moons
and weird robots play chess
but i still have to sit
in front of the scanner.

4 (n)

chinese in africa make
ice juice roads iron-ore
tofu leaf-cabbage
everything plastic
happy ending massage
and malaria tests


it's easier to
find free condoms than a non
electric blender

6 (n)

flags, accents prevail
but nothing in this nation
now is national


people who fly over:
the biggest deforester
is cabbage they say


whiteman go market
get that sweet potato green
cook with small garlic

9 (b)

computers get hot
airconditioning cross train
cold indian [fever] boy


'bossman' he call me
a cat runs above my head
you pray for my sleep


hiss of ra-di-yo
slow slow kisses me to sleep
(only when scanning)

12 (n)

every computer is sacred
or at least imported
with appropriate duties


some rain is with us
always plants are loving it
soil makes big party


small birds bright colors
big generator smokes out
the public enjoys